Anyas Wild Yam Cream

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  • Natural Cramp Relief
  • No More Hot Flashes
  • Combat Mood Swings
  • Proven Natural E.D Treatment!

For Men:

Wild yam has been known to help men who suffer with E.D as it can help to lower estrogen levels and balance hormones leading to a better quality of erection. Simply apply a pea sized amount to testicles daily. No rotation of sites is needed.


Painful periods are not normal despite what the manufacturers of period pain medication say. Our periods are not meant to cause debilitating pain or cramps.

Experience the relief of Anya’s Wild Yam Cream to help balance your hormones naturally. Anya’s works as the active ingredient in wild yam is Diosgenin, a powerful Phyto Sterol which has the ability to activate the bio-chemical lipid pathway leading to the production of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is the precursor to all the adrenal hormones including Progesterone.

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