Calmee – The menstrual heating belt.

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Calmee is the solution to effectively relieve your menstrual pain, whether moderate or intense. Our belt is designed for all those who want to be in harmony with their body and experience their period with peace of mind.

Getting warm is the first advice given during painful periods!

Calmee is designed with 3 heating temp(50°C,55°C, and 60°C) and 4 high-frequency vibrating mechanism that helps relieve stomach or lower back pain.

Relieve menstrual pain

Relieve menstrual pain, soreness, and discomfort safely and effectively without swallowing medicines and putting your health at risk.

Super comfy and adjustable strap

Calmee has an adjustable strap that can fit all waist sizes.

Why choose us?

Not only just for home use.

The Wireless design allows the electric heat pad to be not limited by the use scenarios, simply charge it through the USB port.

Then you can start resting at home, in the office, on the way to work, or on other occasions by using the period cramp heating pad.

Light and silent belt.

Calmee is ultra-thin and light, so it won’t be noticeable if you slip it under your clothes and you can store it in your bag and take it anywhere you want discreetly. And also, quiet so that you can enjoy it when you leave the house but also to enjoy a better sleep during your period.

Far Infrared Rays.

Red light phototherapy:

Improves blood circulation, drives the blockage away, and relieves lumbar muscle tension and acidic swelling. The belt has a built-in 660nm red light that helps deletions and enhances micro-vessels to promote blood circulation, increase oxygen, and speed up detoxification.

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