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Enjoy cooking with your child safely and without risk of injury.

  • Childproof design | Non-toxic materials
  • Enhances your child’s fine motor skills and learning
  • Strengthens your bond with your child
  • Built to endure rough and active play.
  • Real play, without harfmul screens

It comes with loads of features

Introducing the Child Cooking Set! It’s not like other toy kitchens. With its safe and clever design, kids can cook just like adults. Even if it’s their first time, they’ll have lots of FUN with the Child Cooking Set!

  • finally safe & fun

    Finally! Our kid-friendly kitchen tools are crafted to look and feel just like the real thing, but they’re perfectly safe for your toddler’s hands. Made with soft, skin-safe materials, they won’t cause any cuts or injuries, which allows you to teach your little one how to prepare food worry-free.

  • Skillful kids

    Gift your child not just a set of tools, but the joy of creation, the satisfaction of contributing, and an opportunity to feel helpful. Join thousands of parents & grandparents who cherish these kitchen moments and offer your kids a lifelong skill.

  • Healthy Kids

    Do you want your kid to pick fruits and veggies over sugary snacks? Let them craft fun shapes out of them using our kitchen set! It’s simple: children take pride in what they create, making those carrots and apples far more enticing than candy. Our free e-book includes delicious recipes that your child will love, helping them enjoy healthy food.

  • Bond up

    The good times. Making meals together, laughing together, and eating good food together are the perfect ingredients for bonding. Plus, they are learning a lot more than you think. Think about safety, knife skills, and food preparation. You can thank us later.

So what’s included?

Good question! This is a 13pcs set. Enough to create endless recipes with your child. Everything is 100% SAFE!Please look at the picture to see what you’ll get.Receive a gift as well! See below!

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