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  • cleans all types of shoes in minutes
  • 1,000+ brushes for thorough cleaning
  • no physical effort required
  • no color fading, deformation or other adverse effects

Quickly eliminate shoe dirt within minutes!

1,000 bristles and secure lock design ensure a thorough clean without water damage, fading, or shape loss. Keep your shoes looking new, wash after wash. Each shoe will take just a few minutes to appear as brand new!

Clean shoes in minutes, with minimal effort

Deluvo Shoe Bag ensures effortless, fast and thorough cleaning for your footwear as opposed to traditional cleaning methods. Simply place your shoes inside, zip it up, and let the washing machine do the work. Add a washing pod or a detergent powder and select the low heat or delicate setting for the wash.

No shoe damage, deformation or color fading

Deluvo Shoe Bag safeguards your footwear from the common issues encountered with washing machines and traditional cleaning methods. Its carefully crafted design and soft bristles offer a protective buffer for your shoes, ensuring they remain free from fading, stretching, squashing, or any other adverse effects.

Designed for all types and sizes of shoes

Whether it’s for running sneakers, daily wear, or children’s shoes, just slip them in, add your preferred cleaning agent, and set your machine to a gentle cycle. It’s the hassle-free way to keep all your footwear in pristine condition, without worrying about size or style compatibility.

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