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DON’T MISS OUT! We’ve found the perfect solution to get rid of wrinkles in your clothes quickly and easily!

Iron your clothes in 30 seconds and eliminate practically 99.9% of the germs.

The E-Iron vertical iron is ideal for quickly removing wrinkles from clothes. From today you can forget about having to take out and put away the annoying ironing board, because with E-Iron you will never have to use it again.
And that’s not all! E-Iron besides being efficient in removing wrinkles, it can also disinfect and deodorise clothes.

It’s like having a dry cleaner at home

How many times have you needed to iron a garment to correct those creases just before getting dressed? More than once!
Getting all your clothes ironed with the utmost delicacy is a task that takes effort and time,
and sometimes we simply can’t afford it. It’s time to forget the hassle… E-Iron is the solution to your problems!
This incredible vertical iron will allow you to iron practically all types of garments without damaging any type of fabric, even the most complicated ones that you always take to the dry cleaners!

How to use it?

Select all the garments to be ironed.

You must refill the tank and ensure that it remains full throughout the process.

Say goodbye to wrinkles with minimal effort

The best option on the market

Eliminates odours and wrinkles

Easily and simply remove wrinkles and odours from your clothes.

Vertical steam iron

Smoothes all types of fabrics without ironing board without the risk of burning or damaging the most delicate clothes.

High power and small size

Power of 1600W, which is pleasantly surprising considering its compact size.

Save on dry cleaning

Iron all your garments without damaging any type of fabrics

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