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  • Healing Compression
  • Breathable and Soothing
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Activity Tracking

“I was told surgery was the only answer. I tried the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve instead. Know what? I’m walking in significantly less pain.”– John Mason

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Comfortable Soothing Pain Relief.

The Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve is a true breakthrough for knee pain sufferers everywhere. Combining the stability of a knee brace and the healing properties of compression, the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve is comfortable enough to be worn all day, while increasing mobility and relieving pain.

Support Where It’s Needed

Developed by a physical therapist, the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve targets and addresses the leading causes of knee pain, including arthritis, meniscus issues, soft tissue problems, and much more. It can and turn back the clock for millions.

Designed To Address Pain And Keep You Mobile All Day

  • Advanced Performance Fabric

Comfortable and soothing, the moisture- wicking, breathable fabric is ultra-tough.

  • Side Stability

Designed specifically for knees, the sleeve prevents twists and promotes full healthy movement.

  • Kneecap Protection

Gently cushions the kneecap and protects the surrounding soft tissue.

  • Stimulates the Meniscus

Gently massages the tissue for better elasticity. Plus it feels great!

  • Low Profile

Can be worn all day under clothing. The low profile and flexibility keeps your knee stable without limiting movement.

  • Acupressure Padding

Your pain points are gently-yet-constantly pressured, providing needed relief.

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