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Ultra-Portable Way To Stay Cool

  • Works Immediately

Feel the instant relief from the blistering summer heat with FluxoFan’s robust cooling breeze. It ensures you remain fresh and comfortable, regardless of how high the temperature soars.

  • Hands-Free Design

Picture yourself enjoying all your favorite summer activities without the hassle of constantly holding a fan. FluxoFan’s innovative wearable design allows you to keep cool effortlessly while keeping your hands free.

  • Your Personalized Oasis

With adjustable speed settings, FluxoFan puts you in control of your comfort. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, training, working from home, or enjoying a picnic in the park, it ensures you stay refreshed exactly how you like it.

  • Take It Anywhere

Imagine the freedom of staying cool wherever you go. FluxoFan’s portable and lightweight design makes it the perfect companion for workouts, office settings, commuting, time in nature, and more. Don’t let the heat get in the way of your life.

Advanced Rapid-Cooling Technology

FluxoFan is a hands-free solution that prevents overheating and allows you to stay cool during hot summer days. Its compact design makes it a perfect companion to take with you anywhere.

  • Easy to Set Up

FluxoFan is designed with simplicity of use in mind. All you need to do to cool down even on the hottest days is push a single button.

  • Adjustable and Ergonomic

This flexible fan is adjustable and made to fit every neck for maximum comfort. The bendable design also allows the fan to stay in place no matter what you’re doing.

  • 360 Degrees of Airflow

FluxoFan delivers 360° airflow that helps you stay cool in any situation, whether you’re working out, traveling, or simply trying to conquer the heat in your backyard.

  • Quiet Comfort

Our quiet motor technology and bladeless design allows you to enjoy coffee time with friends without any annoying noise. You can go on about your day without any interruptions.

The New Standard of the Portable Fan

  • Hands-Free Cooling
  • 360° Airflow
  • Bladeless Design
  • Ultra-Speed Fan
  • Powerful Battery
  • 12 hrs OF POWER

Without FluxoFan

  • Constantly Overheating
  • Can’t Enjoy Outdoor Activities
  • Dependent on A/C
  • Increased Risk of Heatstroke
  • Breathing In Allergens
  • Increased Sweating

With FluxoFan

  • Feeling Instantly Refreshed
  • Enhanced Comfort Outdoors
  • Freedom From A/C
  • No Heatstroke Risk
  • Enjoying Purified Air
  • No Sweating or Discomfort

Cool Down With FluxoFan in Just 3 Easy Steps

Cool Down With FluxoFan in Just 3 Easy Steps

01.Turn It On

Press the power button and select your desired fan speed.

 02.Fit on Your Neck

Place the fan around your neck and adjust the flexible band for optimum comfort.

 03.Enjoy the Breeze

Enjoy the full blast of fresh, cool air!

Your Ultimate Cooling Experience

Designed for those who value both innovation and style, this next-generation device ensures you stay fresh anytime, anywhere. The highest quality technology comes together with a sleek and convenient exterior for your ultimate comfort.

  • Powerful Performance

  • With You Everywhere

Protect Yourself From Extreme Heat

FluxoFan Helps You to Stay Refreshed All Day

The temperatures are constantly rising, and every summer turns out to be hotter than the one before. The heat can be relentless, especially when you’re always on the go or enjoying outdoor activities. But don’t worry—FluxoFan is here to save you from the heat.

  • 104 °F

That’s the dangerously high temperature of the average heatwave, which now occurs up to 6 times a year.

  • 1,300

That’s the estimated number of deaths per year due to extreme heat exposure.

Take Control of Your Comfort During Summer Heat

Break free from the constraints of traditional AC systems, which often leave you feeling either too hot or too cold. With FluxoFan, you’re in control of your comfort level, allowing you to tailor it precisely to your liking. Whether outside or within the confines of your home, don’t settle for uncomfortable conditions any longer.

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