Grounding Well Sheets

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  • Promotes Deep Restful Sleep
  • Reverses Inflammation & Pain
  • Boosts Overall Energy
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety


  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Highly Conductive 5% Silver Fibers
  • Fitted Elasticated Corners
  • 100k ohm Safety Resistor
  • Grounding Cord (15 ft)
  • Machine Washable

Care Instructions

Оur grounding products are designed with convenience in mind. They can be machine-washed just like your regular bedding, using a gentle, non-oxidizing detergent to maintain the conductive fibers’ integrity and ensure lasting grounding effects.

Alleviate your Pain While Resting

Beneath your feet lies a most marvelous gift from Nature − the very Earth itself, naturally equipped with extraordinary healing power that may just be the single most effective medicine available.

Grounding, or earthing as it is often called, connects you to this overlooked natural energy that nurtures and balances your body at the deepest levels, draining it of inflammation, pain, stress, and fatigue.

Backed by Science

When you make contact with the ground, your body takes in free electrons. This neutralizes the excess of positively charged free radicals. This in turn balances your body’s electrical charge with that of the Earth, creating conditions conducive to self-healing and recovery.

Nature’s Power at the Palm of your Hand

Experience the rejuvenating power of nature from the comfort of your home with our premium Grounding Well Sheets.

Designed with the modern wellness seeker in mind, each sheet is crafted using conductive materials that transfer the Earth’s natural charge. Soft to the touch yet durable enough for everyday use, these sheets are your gateway to improved health.

The Benefits of Grounding:

  • Improves Sleep

Grounding synchronizes your body’s rhythms with the Earth’s cycles, promoting prolonged REM sleep for deeper and more rejuvenating rest.

  • Reverses Inflammation

Several scientific studies indicate that Grounding can reduce chronic inflammation by neutralizing free radicals with free electrons.

  • Energy Increase

Mother Nature provides a plentiful source of energy through free electrons, which can be harnessed by practicing Grounding.

  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Earthing can quickly influence the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), shifting the body toward a more relaxed state.

  • Immune System Boost

Research indicates that Grounding enhances the immune system by providing a steady flow of negatively charged free electrons.

  • EMFs

When the skin touches the Earth’s surface, the body generates a ‘Faraday cage’ effect, creating a shield against environmental electromagnetic radiation.

Feel Better in 3 Easy Steps

  • Step 1

Our sheets come with a specialized cord, which features one end in the form of a round prong that is inserted into the designated grounding hole of your socket.

  • Step 2

Once the sheet is plugged into a socket via the cord provided, clip the other end of the cord to your sheet. The sheet then instantly becomes grounded to the Earth.

  • Step 3

The Grounding Sheet simply acts as an extension cord, bringing the Earth’s energy inside and allowing you to stay grounded while you sleep – the equivalent of being barefoot outside.

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