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Get Premium Laser Hair Removal At Home with the LumiPulse Pro.

  • Permanent Hair Removal in Just 8 – 12 Weeks: Get rapid results with a laser hair treatment you can do at home before bed, in the bath, or on the couch. No expensive appointments necessary
  • Proven Effective: Thousands of customers love their LumiPulse Pro – and dermatologists are impressed, too
  • Pain-Free. No Burning or Irritation: Red spots from waxing or tweezing can be embarrassing and annoying. The LumiPulse Pro eliminates hair at the root – without leaving a mark
  • Targeted Laser Technology Leaves Your Skin Alone: This SkinSmart technology targets only the hair, leaving your skin alone for a safe and irritation-free laser hair treatment
  • No More Appointments, Pain, or Plastic Waste: The LumiPulse Pro is better for you, your wallet, and the environment than shaving with plastic razors or getting expensive waxing or laser hair removal appointments.

SkinSafe Laser Technology Eliminates Hair without Irritating Your Skin

  • Pain-Free and Easy

You won’t feel a thing – but your hair follicles will slowly disappear forever thanks to the targeted SkinSafe laser technology.

  • Save 20 Minutes a Week (That’s an Extra 17 Hours of Free Time Every Year!)

No more shaving, waxing, or tweezing. Just use the LumiPulse Pro for a few weeks and get permanent hair removal. You’ll save a ton of time and feel so much more free every day.

  • Confidence. Beauty. Control.

You don’t have to be a slave to the shave. It’s time to break free and take control of your life.

Simplify Hair Removal Like Never Before…

The LumiPulse Pro is a premium hair removal laser that uses SkinSafe targeted lasers to eliminate hair follicles at the root without damaging or irritating your skin.

Using technology cleared by the FDA, you can safely remove hair with permanent results at home.


You won’t believe how well it works after just one or two sessions… with permanent results after just 12 effortless, irritation-free sessions at home!


With groundbreaking Advanced Precision Pulse Technology (APPT) and SkinSafe technology that targets individual hairs rather than damaging your skin, you can easily get permanent results at home – for your upper lip, chin, legs, and even your private parts.

  • Look Your Best As Soon As You Wake Up

Look flawlessly smooth and hair-free without ever having to rush to shave or wax again.

  • Zero Irritation or Damage

No more burning or annoying red spots.

  • Targeted Laser Hair Removal

With APPT and SkinSafe Technology, your LumiPulse Pro will target only your hair follicles, not your skin.

  • Save Up to $2,500!

Save tons of money, time, and plastic waste.

  • 5 minutes for Flawless Skin

Erase nasty hairs in just 5-10 minutes per session.

  • The LumiPulse Pro Advantage

Powerful, safe, and affordable – with features not found in similar $300 devices.

100% Safe and Effective

Works Best on These Skin and Hair Types

Skin Tones

Hair Colors

IPL technology operates based on the contrast between the melanin in your skin.
Read and understand the instructions prior to initiating the treatment.

Wake Up With Less Hair And More Money

No More Rushing to Shave Your Legs Before a Date or Going to the Beach.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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