Lumivyx 4D – 360 Head Shaver

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  • Easily delivers a super-close shave.
  • No irritation, even for sensitive skin.
  • No tugging or pulling.
  • IPX7 Waterproof design – easy to clean.
  • Works with all hair and skin types.

Perfect for All Skin & Hair Types

Most shavers are made with cheap blades that get dull fast, causing excess tugging and pulling on your hair.

We’ve worked hard to bring you the right combination of sharp blades and a comfortable design to ensure a smooth shave that doesn’t burn.

  • Zero irritation. Close, sexy shave.
  • No mess (hairs won’t end up on your toothbrush – or hers).
  • Easy to clean. Simply open it and wash it off!
  • Personalized shave with form-fitting blade heads that bend to your unique head shape.It’s perfect for sensitive skin, thick hair, and any shape skull.

The blade heads bend to fit your unique head shape, easily giving you a super-close shave in just 90 seconds. The flexible design is made to work with you, no matter who you are, and you won’t believe how close and smooth your next shave really is.

“I was impressed by how smooth my head was. I’ve been bald for about ten years, but shaving never felt this good.”
– Ryan, staff writer for Lumivyx

Your Lumivyx 4D – 360° Head Shaver Kit Includes 5 Shaving Attachments for More Versatility

Get more use out of your next shaver with Lumivyx’s arsenal of useful tools. From your head, to your beard, to your nose – keep everything neat, clean, and handsome.

1.Lumivyx 4D – 360° Head Shaver

Ultimate electric rotary shaver device engineered for head shaving

2.Nose and Ear hair trimmer

Eliminate unwanted hairs painlessly, without any tugging or pulling

3.Scalp scrubber

Gently exfoliates your scalp, ensuring a comfortable shave by removing dead skin

4.Beard trimmer

Increased control for fading and outlining (comes with 3, 5, and 7mm guards)

5.Exfoliation Brush

Utilize the charcoal-infused deep-cleansing brush to Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin with the the charcoal-infused deep-cleansing brush

Close, Sexy Shave in Just 76 Seconds

This super-fast head shaver has 5 micro-blade tips that quickly give you that clean-cut look. Get ready for work, dates, and late nights in just 76 seconds.

  • Long-Lasting Battery: Up to 2 Months of Shaving per Charge!
    Each charge gives you a whole hour of shave time, which means you could go two or even three months without having to charge it again.
  • Advanced 5-Blade Design: With thoughtfully tested spaces between the blades, it glides smoothly over your skin, preventing any irritation or cuts, regardless of your head’s shape.
  • Stay Informed about Battery Life: Keep a close watch on the exact battery level through a small LCD screen, ensuring you’re never left with a drained battery.
  • Eliminate Cuts and Ingrown Hair: Ingrown hair can be a major concern for those with bald heads. The Lumivyx 4D – 360° Head Shaver is meticulously designed to encourage healthy hair growth and prevent those unwanted issues.

Lumivyx Replaceable Shaving Head 4D – 360°

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