Muffbaby Portable Milk Warmer Thermos (12oz)

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With a touch of a button, enjoy the convenience of perfectly warmed milk anytime, anywhere! Say goodbye to the hassle of finding warm water or dealing with messy alternatives.

  • Warm Milk Within Minutes
  • Extended Usage on a Single Charge
  • Suitable For Formula & Breastmilk (even frozen ones!)

Our Leakproof Wonder:

Say Goodbye to Spills!

Discover the ultimate peace of mind with our innovative leakproof design. Engineered for perfection, our product ensures zero leaks, allowing you to confidently carry liquids without fear of spills or mess.

With our 100% leakproof guarantee, you can focus on what matters most, knowing your belongings are safe and dry.

Transform Your Feeding Experience

Easy Feeding, Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are at a restaurant, at the park, or moving in a car, our thermos is your ultimate companion for hassle-free feeding.

With its portable design and reliable performance, feeding becomes a stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on creating cherished moments with your little one.

Why Choose Us?

  • Smart Heating Chip 2.0

    Warms milk from room temperature to 104℉ in just 5 minutes. – x3 to 4 faster than other bottle warmers in the market!

  • Upgraded Battery Life

    High-performance battery that ensures uninterrupted convenience, allowing you to enjoy multiple uses on a single charge. – Provides power for up to 6 to 8 heating cycles.

  • Temperature Display (℉)

    Stay in control and ensure your baby’s milk is always at the perfect temperature with our real-time temperature display.

  • Supports Fast Charging

    Reaches 100% battery in 3 hours, ensuring minimal downtime. Chargeable while in use, perfect for long car rides.

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