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Enjoy a Pain-free Life – A Natural Solution for Shooting Plantar Fasciitis Pain

  • Say NO to:
  • Plantar fasciitis, heel pain and arch discomfort
  • Pain or numbness in the foot or ankle
  • Stiffness and discomfort during sport
  • Expensive visits to the doctor

With OrthoMend plantar fasciitis sleeve, you can enjoy your daily activities without even a thought about pain and discomfort!

Thanks to improved circulation and extra support, your feet will feel 20 years younger -pain-free, stable and strong.

How Do They Work?

The OrthoMend Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve features an innovative BioSupport compression technology that acts like a second skin by closely mimicking and reinforcing the plantar fascia. This technology promotes blood flow, improves vitamin delivery and reduces inflammation to support and boost healing.

Additionally, the attached support straps protects further damage by minimizing stress on the foot, helping to prevent aggravation and recurrence of plantar fasciitis.

This combination is so effective since it provides immediate relief from heel pain andarch discomfort, AND – with regular use can reverse the damage and provide lasting pain relief!

Life-changing Benefits

  • Long-lasting relief from plantar fasciitis, arch & heel pain – aswell as neuropathy.
  • Promotes the body’s own self-healing powers to permanently eliminate your foot pain
  • Enjoy your daily activities again – like walking the dog or playing with your children or grandchildren.Enjoy sports without pain.
  • Avoid risky and expensive operations or taking addictive painkillers.

Recommended by Podiatrists

Since the early days of developing our plantar fasciitis cuff, we have worked closely with dozens of healthcare professionals to ensure exceptional quality control.

Podiatrists, physiotherapists and even professional athletes have praised this sleeve for its superior effectiveness.

Many of our customers with chronic foot problems have reported that their symptoms have significantly reduced and that they have been able to perform better at work and in sports after using our plantar fasciitis sleeve.

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