ProSmooth One Laser Hair Removal Device

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  • Permanent Hair Removal: Noticeable reduction is seen within a couple uses, & full results after less than 12 uses.
  • Works for Everyone: Completely safe on all skin tones & hair colors. Works by removing blonde & dark hair at the root via the pigment, so Osmolaser cannot eliminate grey hairs.
  • Once Per Week: Full-body laser hair removal sessions are done in just 5-10 minutes, once per week.
  • Save Money: Never make a hair removal appointment again. No replacements or refills needed.
  • Convenient: Anyone can use the Osmolaser handset safely from head to toe including upper lip, chin, underarms, legs, arms, and bikini area.
  • Fast & Easy: So easy to use you can treat any body part in minutes.
  • Safe & Painless: Osmolaser’s clinical grade handset is safe for at-home laser hair removal, giving you lasting smooth results – when treating close to the eyes we recommend using the provided eye protection.

Advanced Laser Technology

The ProSmooth One Laser Hair Removal Device uses advanced laser technology to effectively remove unwanted hair. Its non-invasive approach makes it suitable for all skin types.

Long-Lasting Results

Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming hair removal methods with the ProSmooth One Laser Hair Removal Device.

Its advanced laser technology targets the hair follicle, resulting in a reduction of hair growth and long-lasting results.

Convenient and Easy to Use

The ProSmooth One Laser Hair Removal Device is convenient and easy to use, with quick treatment times and a compact, portable design. It’s the perfect solution for achieving smooth, hair-free skin on the go.

Customer reviews

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  1. S***x (Verified buyer)

    Wonderful and beautiful

  2. A***r (Verified buyer)

    Very good.

  3. H***a (Verified buyer)

    A device that matches the image, until this moment I did not use it after my experience of the device, I will return to you how effective it isIn general, the device looks great.

    ProSmooth One Laser Hair Removal Device
    ProSmooth One Laser Hair Removal Device
    ProSmooth One Laser Hair Removal Device
  4. F***h (Verified buyer)

    Very very product all and 100%

  5. D***i (Verified buyer)

    very good my girlfriend is a very happy thank you very much

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