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Say goodbye to mosquito bites! Don’t let those pesky bugs ruin your summer.

  • Get rid of mosquitoes without using any chemicals!

The Qinux Mozzkit Pro mosquito repellent provides protection without the use of harmful chemicals or annoying ultraviolet light. Its innovative technology uses a unique scent to keep mosquitoes away, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and indoors worry-free.

With a magnet at the base to attach it to metal surfaces and a foldable handle to hang it wherever you want, it’s perfect for any situation. Plus, it comes with a tripod included for added stability. And it’s waterproof!

  • Repel mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other pesky insects once and for all!

24-hour mosquito protection in your home!

You just have to pop two tablets into the designated slots and activate the “repellent” function. This effective method acts as a barrier against mosquitoes, keeping them at bay while you enjoy yourself. Thanks to its hook, you can carry it in your backpack and have your hands free on any trip or excursion.

Get your hands on the best-selling bug zapper now! Portable, safe, and effective for getting rid of those pesky insects.

How to use it?

Add two tablets to your Qinux Mozzkit Pro

Place it in the desired location, whether indoors or outdoors

Enjoying life without any bites or mosquitoes

The best option on the market

  • Mosquito repellent

Create a mosquito-free bubble in seconds!

  • Chemical-free

Insects are repelled instead of being exterminated, ensuring the safety of our children and pets as it is non-toxic

  • Long-lasting battery

Its powerful battery is designed to provide over 7 hours of protection

  • Integrated light

With two types of adjustable lighting, it creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, while also being practical

The only mosquito repellent safe for children and pets!

From nighttime barbecues to pool sessions with the kids, you’ll be able to fully enjoy without worrying about pesky mosquitoes. It will be the first time in years that you’ll return home without a single bite!

Its powerful battery keeps an insect-free perimeter for nearly 11 hours!

Main advantages:

The Qinux Mozzkit Pro not only effectively repels mosquitoes, but it does so without any chemicals.

It includes a hook for easy transportation, an adjustable tripod, and a powerful magnet to adapt to any situation, whether indoors or outdoors.

It features two powerful lights, a white one on top and a yellow light on the body. Its rechargeable C-type cable battery is designed to last for hours and hours.

The perfect solution to ensure that your outdoor moments are free from bites and annoyances.

  •  24-hour protection

Mosquito protection both indoors and outdoors 24/7!

  • Laptop

Thanks to its hook and tripod, it’s easy to carry and set up anywhere

  • Instantaneous results

Repels mosquitoes, flies, moths, and more instantly

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