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  • Reduce Pain And Inflammation
  • Reduce The Appearance of Skin Aging
  • Can Be Used On Pets
  • As Powerful As Clinical Devices


NASA studies have found that red light therapy, like what’s used in the RedBono device, works kind of like a super-charged battery for your body’s cells. Imagine each cell in your body as a little engine that needs power to run smoothly.The red light from the RedBono acts like a power boost, reaching deep into the skin to “charge up” these cells, especially when they’re tired or damaged.This charging helps the cells do their job better, like healing wounds or fixing tissue. It’s like giving your body’s repair process a helping hand, allowing it to work faster and more efficiently in fixing muscles, skin, and even bones.

  • Joint Pains And ArthritisDiscomfort in the joints and tissues of your hands and knees is frequently the result of inflammation, which itself stems from tissue damage. The RedBono aids in the recovery process by supplying the affected cells with additional energy. This enhanced energy accelerates tissue repair, thereby reducing inflammation and alleviating pain.
  • Back and Neck PainBack and neck pain often stem from inflammation, tissue, and muscle damage, but the regenerative power of RLT has been shown to restore cell function and improve circulation. This not only helps in regenerating damaged cells but also in easing tension and inflammation, offering a long-term solution to alleviate discomfort.
  • Skin IssuesDozens of studies have shown that Red Light Therapy improves skin health. It is commonly used in clinics to treat skin conditions such as scars, acne, birthmarks, signs of aging and other skin issues.By employing the RedBono, which emits healing energy into your skin, you can invigorate your cells towards complete rejuvenation, thereby mitigating various skin ailments.
  • Pet InjuriesThe RedBono is equally effective for pets as it is for humans. Whether your pet is recovering from surgery, dealing with pain or inflammation, or suffering from arthritis, the RedBono can activate their innate healing mechanisms. This helps your pet return to a state of comfort, joy, and vitality.

Customers who did 5 min per day for 30 days

  • 93% Have experienced a reduction in knee pain
  • 90% Have reduced neck wrinkles
  • 91% Have reduced skin pigmentation
  • 85% Have reduce acne

*Results according to a verified customer survey.


Powered by advanced medical grade LED technology, RedBono delivers targeted red light wavelengths precisely where your body needs it most. This therapeutic light penetrates deep into your skin, triggering a cascade of healing responses at the cellular level.

Red Light

RedBono emits different wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin at different depths, facilitating cellular rejuvenation and boosting blood flow.

It releases light at 630, 660, 850, and 940 nm wavelengths, each carefully chosen to address various tissue layers for all-encompassing recovery.

The 630 and 660 nm wavelengths are especially effective for treating superficial skin issues, stimulating collagen growth, and diminishing inflammation.

Infrared Light

The infrared wavelengths of 850 and 940 nm are specifically designed to excel in alleviating joint pain and enhancing muscle recovery, targeting deeper tissue layers for optimal healing.

RedBono surpasses conventional devices by combining red and infrared light therapy. Red light enhances skin health by promoting collagen and reducing inflammation, while infrared light targets deeper issues like joint pain and muscle recovery.

This dual approach makes RedBono a comprehensive and superior solution for both surface-level skin concerns and deep tissue healing.

In the Box:

  • 1x Red Light Terapy Device
  • 2x Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x Protective Eyeglasses
  • 1x Strap
  • 1x User manual

Number of LEDs:

  • 4 LEDs


  • 630 nm & 660 nm & 850 nm & 940 nm

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