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  • a stubble-free shave without disposable razors
  • perfect for the bikini area
  • no more strawberry legs or irritation
  • finally achieve silky smooth skin
  • waterproof, use in AND out of the shower!

enjoy the ultra-close shave of a disposable razor, with none of the drawbacks!

We LOVED the close shave of a disposable razor, but HATED the nicks, cuts, redness and ingrowns, not to mention how time consuming it was! We thought, why not have the best of both worlds? The safety and speed of an electric razor, AND the close shave of a disposable! So we designed sayove smooth.

here’s our secret

Our specialized triple-blade design is what makes us different from every other razor you’ve tried. This design allows for an ULTRA-CLOSE shave, without nicks, cuts, or strawberry skin after shaving.

The results speak

Works best on board areas, such as legs, arms, or torso



Bikini-area SAFE

Works on bikini & private area



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