ScratchGuard – Cat Scratching & Climbing Mat

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Redefine Your Cat’s Playtime with the Scratch and Climbing Mat

Does your feline friend crave a new playtime adventure? Introducing ScratchGuard, the ultimate scratch and climbing mat designed to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts.

This versatile product protects your furniture while providing a stimulating environment for your cat to scratch, climb, and explore. Enhance your home and keep your feline friend entertained with ScratchGuard, the perfect all-in-one solution.

Is Your Cat Always Scratching Your Furniture?

Cats scratch to mark territory, stretch, and maintain healthy claws.

ScratchGuard’s calming texture soothes, reduces anxiety, and promotes relaxation. Encourage healthy scratching habits and protect your furniture with this all-in-one solution, creating a Zen-like space for your feline friend.

Don’t Have Hours to Set It Up?

ScratchGuard installs in minutes – just peel and stick. Durable and strong, it withstands vigorous scratching. Protect your furniture and promote healthy habits with this quick, sturdy solution.

Multi-Function Home Solution

ScratchGuard protects new surfaces whilst simultaneously hides existing damage. It can be used on all surfaces and is fully customizable to fit your decor. It replaces scratch toys. Offering a satisfying scratching experience for your cat while keeping your home looking pristine.

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