SensePro Ultrasonic Toothbrush

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New Toothbrush Allows You to Deep Clean Your Teeth and Gums With Live Guidance Across 6 Brushing Zones!

SensePro is the Next-generation Toothbrush That Delivers Professional Teeth Cleaning With Effective Gum Care.

  • 360° ULTRASOUND BRUSHING –SensePro cleans your whole mouth, including gums, with 3 different modes of ultrasound vibrations applied through soft silicon bristles.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY –Clean your teeth and gums with the long-lasting battery of SensePro that only requires 3 recharges a year.
  • REAL-TIME GUIDANCE –Get 10X better cleaning of your teeth and gums with 30 seconds live guidance across 6 brushing zones.
  • 3-IN-1 AUTOMATIC TOOTHBRUSH –Efficient cleaning, gum massage, and teeth whitening in one automatic toothbrush.
  • WATERPROOF –SensePro is an antibacterial, waterproof mouthpiece that cleans your teeth and gums with no pain or effort.

What it is?

Does your traditional toothbrush not provide you with effective teeth cleaning? Are you looking for an automatic toothbrush that can effectively clean your teeth in just a few seconds? Do you want a toothbrush that can ensure superior gum protection with safe and fast teeth cleaning? Well, SensePro is a revolutionary, automatic toothbrush that can take your teeth cleaning and gum protection to the next level. It has all features you want in your ideal automatic toothbrush. SensePro is one of the most remarkable dental care inventions of the 21 century. It’s a revolutionary toothbrush with live guidance across 6 brushing zones to ensure professional cleaning of your teeth and steadfast gum care.

What makes the SensePro So Special?

SensePro has made teeth cleaning remarkably easy, safe, effective, and fast. You just need to adjust it in your mouth around the teeth and push the “ON” button. It will clean your teeth and gums in only 30 seconds. During these 30 seconds of cleaning, you’ll have live guidance across 6 brushing zones to ensure your whole mouth is cleaned properly. SensePro provides an amazing and irresistible brushing experience.With 35000 ultra thin soft silicone bristles, it’s more like a “360-degree” toothbrush that ensures superior teeth cleaning and gum protection without any effort.Unlike traditional toothbrushes, SensePro is extremely gentle on gums but hard on the plaque. It removes plaque efficiently with it’s soft, antibacterial silicon bristles.It helps you restore the shine of your teeth in just 30 seconds! SensePro uses 3 different modes of ultrasonic vibrations depending on the teeth and gum sensitivity of each person. Depending on the mode, SensePro generates ultrasonic vibration of a specific intensity to remove plaque from the teeth. It can fit almost any teeth shape, making it suitable for every person. Another exciting feature of SensePro is its long life, rechargeable battery. With 3 months of autonomy, the battery can last 2 brushings of 10 seconds each a day.

Conclusion: Should I Get the SensePro?

Why Not!Your teeth are one of the most valuable blessings in your life, and you want to protect them in any case. SensePro helps you keep your teeth shining and healthy through its “360 degrees”, live guidance-based superior cleaning. It works automatically without any extra accessories. It’s a portable automatic toothbrush that you can use anywhere you want. SensePro is undoubtedly the most beautiful gift you’ll ever give to your teeth.

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