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This tiny gadget works like a fire alarm you can carry. A quick pull of the pin triggers a bright flash and a loud beep, making sure everyone around is alerted.

How It Works

In case of emergency, just pull the pin to unleash a powerful 130db siren and a blinding 200-lumen strobing LED light, ensuring both visual and auditory attention.

With no risk of false triggering, it provides reliable security, empowering you to take control of your safety instantly.

Product Info

  • Small (9cm x 2.6cm x 1.1cm)
  • Light-weight (40g)130db siren (as LOUD as a jet engine!)
    Flashing 200-lumen strobe LED light to draw attention
  • Stylish & minimalist (pairs with any outfit)
  • Solid, silver keychain included
  • Activated with a well-intentioned pull of the pin
  • No false triggering
  • Durable soft-touch silicone coating
  • Long lasting 2-year standby battery
  • 60+ minutes of continuous alarm
  • Replaceable batteries

1 in 3 women in the world is assaulted in her lifetime.

This is personal because it includes 1 in 3 of our daughters, sisters, and friends.

SheSafe Tops the List: Smart and Safe

SheSafe takes the lead when stacked against other self-defense tools, offering ease of use, a non-violent approach, and more.

When In Doubt, Pull It

Feeling uncomfortable? Trust your gut. With a simple pull of the top, unleash the power of the LOUD siren and flashing strobe light.

All eyes on you, all attention on your safety. When you feel secure, smoothly reinsert the top to deactivate the alarm.

Working Principle

Learn how SheSafe works. Pull the pin to activate a loud siren and bright strobe light, alerting everyone around instantly.

Your Safety, Your Travel Companion

Travel with confidence – SheSafe is your security companion. Lightweight, compact, and TSA-approved, it effortlessly fits into your lifestyle, ensuring you’re protected wherever your adventures lead.

Clip It Anywhere, Anytime

Every SheSafe alarm comes with a solid silver keychain, making it a breeze to attach to your handbag, water bottle, keys, belt, and more.

It’s security that goes where you go, ensuring you’re protected no matter what you’re doing or where life takes you.

Peace of Mind, Stylishly Designed

Its chic design seamlessly integrates practicality with style, offering a blend of assurance and sophistication.

Choose from a range of colors and walk with confidence, knowing you carry a reliable and beautifully designed companion.

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