SleepSanitizer Pro – Cleaner, healthier, allergen-free sleep

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  • Relieve allergy symptoms & improve air quality
  • Enhance sleep quality & reduce respiratory issues
  • Effortlessly remove dust mites, bacteria, & allergens

Breathe Easier & Sleep Better Tonight

Tired of allergies and restless nights?
The SleepSanitizer Pro uses powerful suction and UV-C light to remove dust mites, allergens, and bacteria, ensuring your bed is clean and healthy.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Protect your family from dust mites and allergens with the SleepSanitizer Pro.
Its advanced HEPA filtration and UV-C technology leave your bed spotless and sanitized, improving air quality and reducing allergy symptoms.

Effortless Deep Clean

With 12Kpa suction power, the SleepSanitizer Pro easily lifts dust, pet hair, and debris from deep within your mattress.
The widened suction port covers more area in less time, making cleaning quick and efficient.

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