Soothie Airflow Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

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AirFlow will reverse sleep apnea & improve your sleep overnight, or your money back!

  • Increased energy & improved mood
  • Naturally eliminate snoring
  • Comfortable & works for all jaw shapes
  • Stress relieving (sleep, feel, & live better)

SayGoodbyeTo Sleep Apena And Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep!

Tired of restless nights and excessive fatigue that comes with sleep apnea? No matter how much you sleep, you wake up drained and dreading your day.

The result? Your work suffers, you distance yourself from loved ones, and you’re left with no energy for anything else.

Long term, this can lead to severe depression, strokes, heart failure, or even premature death.

The AirFlow Mouthpiece eliminates sleep apnea at the root by perfectly positioning your jaw where air can flow through. With AirFlow you’ll sleep better overnight!

How Does It Work?

You may have tried other sleep apnea treatments that failed to deliver. It’s not your fault that you’re still suffering; they don’t address the root cause.

During sleep, the back of your throat relaxes too much, leading to muscle collapse and airway blockage. This can result in awakening with choking and gasping for air.

Our AirFlow Mouthpiece gently positions your jaw forward in the optimal sleep position. Widening your airway, ensuring better oxygen flow, and putting an end to sleep apnea.

Wear it before sleeping and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed!

SleepApnea Relief Benefits

The AirFlow Mouthpiece helps relieve and eliminate:

  • Restless sleep & loud snoring
  • Waking up gasping for air
  • Excessive daytime fatigue
  • Dry mouth & sore throat
  • Brain fog, headaches, & depression

Professionally Designed & Recommended

TheAirFlow Mouthpiece has been designed and recommended by dentists and sleep physicians as an effective way to relieve sleep apnea.

AirFlow offers comfort, effectiveness, and safety. It allows your jaw to rest naturally to ensure you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

For less than 1/20 of the cost of a CPAP machine or dental appliance, you can get results that last a lifetime.

GreatQuality Of Life

Sleep apnea can significantly disrupt your quality of life, causing excessive daytime fatigue which feels likeyou’ve been poisoned.

Today, you have the power to make a change. In eliminating your sleep apnea, theAirFlow Mouthpiececreates the secondary benefits of:

  • Uninterrupted deep sleep
  • Increased energy & alertness
  • Improved focus at work
  • Elevation in mood
  • Lower risk of heart disease, stroke, & high blood pressure

You can finally get back to living again.

Wake Up Feeling Energized And Refreshed!

Ready To Use

The AirFlow Mouthpiece is ready to use out of the box. No need to visit a specialist or boil and mold the mouthpiece since it’s fully adjustable.

Breathe & Drink Easily

The AirFlow Mouthpiece is built for maximum comfort and results. You can breathe through your mouth while you sleep and easily drink water or talk with AirFlow on.

Bring It Anywhere You Go

Our portable case makes traveling with our lightweight AirFlow Mouthpiece super convenient. Feel relief anywhere and at any time.

RelieveSleepApnea In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1– Throw on your AirFlow

Step 2– Enjoy uninterrupted deep sleep

Step 3– Clean, refresh, & repeat

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