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Thousands of satisfied customers!

Over 55 thousand satisfied customers report more self-confidence and self-esteem! With “Taalitas IPL Hair Remover” you feel confident every day and ready to conquer the world.

Painlessly beautiful skin!

In contrast to other hair removal methods such as waxing or epilating, the use of our “Taalitas IPL Hair Remover” is painless. The gentle IPL technology enables a pleasant treatment without tugging or unpleasant side effects. Women can sit back, relax and enjoy hair removal without having to worry about pain or wounds.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Thanks to “Taalitas IPL Hair Remover”, there is no longer any reason to visit expensive laser studios with long appointment waiting times! You can achieve even faster results from the comfort of your own home – and at a fraction of the cost. And the best side effect: you can enjoy your personal laser session in a private atmosphere without having to expose yourself and worry about the opinions of others.

Simple operation for fast results!

With the automatic light pulse setting, lasering has never been easier! For even more precise lasering, our “Taalitas IPL” can also be operated manually with a simple click on the large pressure field.

Finally time for yourself!

Full-time job, household, shopping, cooking, children, partner, pets, friends… What’s more, we women spend an average of 12 hours a month trying to rid ourselves of annoying stubble. Treat yourself to a break and get your precious time back with “Taalitas IPL Hair Remover”!

1 device – 10 areas of application!

In addition to numerous advantages, our “Taalitas IPL Hair Remover” covers ten areas of your body! In addition to your arms, legs, underarms and bikini line, you can also laser your intimate area, stomach, back and face. A big advantage is that even your partner can benefit from our effective IPL light pulses. He can use “Taalitas IPL” on his scalp and beard!

The future of hair removal!

Painless and effective
– No more ingrown hairs, stubble or pimples
Simple and quick at home
– No more unpleasant laser appointments
– Suitable for all parts of the body, including the face and genital area

Does IPL technology also work for me?

Our device works for skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale from I to V. People with darker skin (type VI) should not use the laser, as the light energy may not reach the hair root, which could result in injuries. The “Taalitas IPL” is particularly suitable for dark blonde to black hair types. People with red or grey hair are excluded from the treatment, as the light cannot be sufficiently absorbed by these hair colors.

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