The Cash Vault (using the Kakeibo method)

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  • Help your child save their first $10,000
  • Teach your children the value of savings
  • Perfect for financial education
  • Engaging and educational

Psychological hack to guide your child to wealth

Using the Cash Vault helps children build better money habits for a successful future. Teach your children the importance of saving and responsible money management with the Cash Vault.

Help your child easily save thousands using the Kakeibo method

The Kakeibo method, originating from Japan, is a psychological budgeting strategy that helps children visualize their goals & physically interact with them, helping them to pay attention to their spending & easily save up large amounts of money.

A Parent’s Guide to Cultivating Wealth in Children

Teaching positive money attitudes from early age is key. Empower your child with essential skills like saving and setting goals. Open conversations and leading by example set foundation for financial success.

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