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Compatible with any car!

TronGlow lights are designed to ensure compatibility with any car. The TronGlow Lights are designed to ensure compatibility with any vehicle. Each package includes a USB to cigarette lighter and USB type C adapter, making it easy to power up your lights in any car setup.

Control the vibe, Control the night.

Imagine changing up your cars vibe with just a tap. Whether you’re cruising downtown, on a date night, or hitting the road for a trip, these lights make every ride a unique experience.

Easy as 1-2-3

1. pick your spot

Think about where you want that cool glow in your car.

2. set it up

Use the scraper included in your order to tuck the lights into gaps in your car. Or, if you prefer, use the adhesive strip to stick them to a specific spot.

3. light it up

Connect to your car’s cigarette lighter using the adapter included in your package, or to its USB port. Then install the app using the QR code included in your package, and you’re all set to light up your ride!

Would it work in my car?

Absolutely! Our LED lights are energy-efficient and compatible with any car. They require only 5 volts, while most cars provide 12 volts. Each kit includes everything needed for installation, such as a USB to cigarette to DC adapter and double-sided adhesive tape.

What pack should I get?

  • 2-in-1 Pack: Features two LED lights with a USB port ideal for enhancing multiple areas efficiently.
  • 6-in1 Pack: Designed for a full, intense glow across your vehicle’s interior. Includes six LED lights with the option to opt for a USB port or Cigarette port

Can I cut the lights?

Yes, you can cut the lights as long as you do not cut from the side connected to the wires. Please note that the section cut off will no longer function, but the part still connected to the wires will continue to work.

Is this legal?

Yes, using our lights is legal as long as you avoid using emergency vehicle colors like red or dark blue at full brightness. If you use these colors at night, setting them at 10-20% brightness can help prevent them from being visible from the outside. However, we still recommend checking your local vehicle lighting laws to ensure full compliance.

How to hide the wires?

  • Use the Gaps: Tuck the wires into the gaps between panels in your car’s interior. This can often be done by gently pushing the wires into these spaces using the yellow scraper included in your package.
  • Behind the Seats: For a quick setup, you can run the wires behind the seats. While this method is fast and easy, it may not provide the neatest appearance if the wires are visible when the seats are moved or adjusted.

What size are the lights?

  • 2 in 1: 1x110cm(43inches) + 1x35cm (13 inches)
  • 6 in 1: 1x110cm(43 inches) + 5x 75cm (29 inches)

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