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#1 Leading Wireless LED Light Therapy Mask. Luminate your nighttime routine with seven powerful colors. This technology has been reserved for clinics and spas with over decades of research. Now you can can enjoy the experience from home without the clunky remotes and wires of the past.


We know how busy life gets. Which is why we have designed our mask to be as easy and efficient as possible to make your experience a glowing one! Simply tap a button and select a color that suits you. Then choose to go about your day/night or kick back and relax.


You know what they say, “Time is Money.” This Mask is a ONE-TIME INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF. Fortunately there are no additional costs, recurring visits to the clinic/spas and definitely no recurring subscriptions like ingredient based products.The Mask is built for your entire glow up journey.

Technical Info

Each Mask is dual voltage (worldwide compatibility) and comes with 90 LEDS at Power Density/Irradiance of:30mW/cm²

+ 7 different wavelengths to select from:

  • Red Light (633nm) : Anti aging & promote collagen production
  • Blue Light (415nm) : Sooth inflammation & calm sensitive skin
  • Yellow Light (590nm) : Reduce melanin production
  • Green Light (525nm) : Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Purple Light (Red & Blue) : Promote lymphatic drainage
  • Cyan Light (490nm) : Reduce skin tension and swollen capillaries
  • White Light (Mix) : Relax skin & accelerate growth and healing of skin cells


Using the Mask is easy! Before use, you can use the provided USB cable to charge your mask. Once fully charged, you may begin your session.

1. Simply wash your face and remove any makeup.

2. Put on the mask. Use the optional provided straps if you would like to move around freely. If not, you can simply lay back and relax with it covering your face.

3. Power on and off the mask by holding the button down for 2 seconds. To switch colors you can simply tap until you reach your desired color.

4. Enjoy and regenerate for up to 15 min per day.

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