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The TICKET to your CALM, RELAXING and SLEEP encouraging space!

ZenFlare, a diffuser designed for optimal relaxation, seamlessly blends calming aesthetics with stress-relieving technology, providing a soothing experience for your mind and body after a demanding day.

ZenFlare your sleep essential. When infused with lavender and chamomile, it signals your brain to unwind, as the mist and gentle hum ease you into a peaceful sleep.

Immerse in relaxation with an elegant flame display. Upgrade your space with captivating technology that mesmerises anyone who enters.

How to use ZenFlare!

Control Switch

1.Press once to turn on spray and flame lights.

2.Press again to turn off spray and all lights.5.Now watch the enchanting flame display in dark.

3.Press the first switch for flame light mode.

4.Press the second switch for colourful light cycle mode.

Light Switch

1.Press the third key for monochrome light.

2.Press the fourth key to turn off the light mode.

(If control switch is on, press briefly for colourful light, press again for monochrome light, press again to turn off light.

Timer Switch

1.Press the first key to start H timing.

2.Press the second key to start 3H timing.

3.Press the third key to start 5H timing.

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